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Foundation for Information Support of Science

non-profit and non-governmental organization

Moscow, Russia

Foundation for Information Support of Science (FISS) is a non-profit organization aims to implement expert, information technology, and organizational support for scientific, technical, and innovative activities in the Russian Federation.

FISS has broad experience in the assessment of the priority lines of scientific and technological development in the Russian Federation. FISS carries out expert appraisals on the order from the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, participates in the analysis of government programs and projects, business projects of technological development, carries out express assessment of scientific publications, projects, and experimental developments.

Expert activity of the foundation is based on the involvement of a wide range of unique specialists and leading schools of thought. FISS maintains contacts more than with three thousand scientists and experts both in exact sciences and in humanities.

Priority areas of activities of the foundation:

Participation in the arrangements on analytical studies, science technology, innovation and expert activities in various scientific and technical fields.

There are Russian and foreign scientific information databases at the disposal of FISS that allows one to thoroughly assess the standard of various scientific developments and technologies, their practical urgency, and also to propose complex recommendations on their implementation.

The following databases are the core information resources for FISS:

The information technologies developed by FISS allow one to carry out expertise on the basis of extended data of specified national and international information resources and for certain assess the developments in scientific and technical fields and innovations.

Based on the analytical assessment of a problem, including its scientific or practical topicality, FISS can prepare concrete proposals on launching innovation projects, their information support, and control of practical realisation.

Since 2001, FISS’ specialists have organized and conducted more than 40,000 examinations of scientific and technological investigations in various fields, including on the following priority directions:

The expertise performed by FISS has the status of independent scientific expertise confirmed by the relevant certificates.

FISS is open for the cooperation with public and private organizations and investors interested in conducting an objective analysis and examination of projects of various types and scales.

In the case of favorable decision of collaboration, we are prepared to discuss organizational and financial arrangements for further developing business contacts between our organizations. Please make your suggestions about the time and the form of discussions.